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Basic Sewing Supplies Needed

We made a list with an explanation of the fabric supplies you will often use with sewing clothing.

A sharp sciccor specially made for fabric makes your life so easy. My preference is a Kai scissor, but there are lot of other good brands available. 

Pins are used to keep multiple layers in place while sewing. I use them with hemming, otherwise I use wonderclips. But that's a personal preference.

Measuring tape is used to measure your body measurements. We wrote a blog about how to do that.

Drawing paper is used to trace a pattern. I like this cellusose paper, it's biological and super transparant.

It's advised to adjust your sewing needles to your fabric type. Schmetz has released a very usefull guide to pick the right needle for your project.

Rotary Cutter can be used for cutting your pattern direct into the fabric. I like the ergonomic rotary cutter (and off course the pink one). Clover, Olfa and Prym all have rotary cutters in there assortiment.

Cutting mats are used in combination with a rotary cutter. You''ll have them in several sizes. A good cutting mat is self healing.

Twin needle is a double needle where you will have a double line of stitching on the right side of your garment.

Interfacing is used for reinforcement of parts of the garment, work you are sewing. 

Wonderclips are clips to hold two parts together. 

Elastic is available in a lot of colours, strenghts and wides. 

If you make a mistake while sewing it always comes in handy to rip out the seam. You can also use a small embroidery scissor for it.

Markers are used for marking for e.g. front and back of the sleeve or center back/front. My preference are the white and blue water soluable markers, but you have lots of different kinds. 

Pin cushion is used to store your pins quick and easy. 

Good thread is important to prevent the seams from breaking. We suggest Amann Mettler or Gütermann.

Empty bobbins are very usefull so you can always match it with your upper thread.

For cutting thread, i love the embroidery scissors. 

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