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Photo tips: Perspective


Perspective is the point of view. We are used to photograph on our eye height., you can try different point of view.

  • A low point of view, photograph the object at their point of view 
  • From a high point, photograph downwards
  • Make the background part of your composition
  • Most of the time a quiet background
  • Make use of the surroundings 
  • Make sure you have an horizon
  • Remove or don’t focus on disturbing elements in the composition


  • Right balance between what you want to photograph and the background
  • You can blur the background, on your phone you can do that by  using the portet modus. 
  • Remove disturbing objects if possible.
A few tips on your phone:
  • Don’t zoom, use your legs.
  •  Clean your lense
  • Post process your picture

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