Frequent Asked Question

If you have any other questions or do you think we are missing a Frequent Asked Question, you can always send us an email.

After purchasing a pattern you will receive an email with the order confirmation. Check also your junk or spam box. 

You can also log in into your account and download your patterns from there. We advise you to always save a copy on your desktop/laptop or in the cloud.

Also check out our blog how to get started with (our) digital patterns.

You always have to make an account when you check out, all your patterns will be stored into your account. You can click on “forgot password”, if you forgot your password.

You will receive instructions with graphics.

For the pattern pieces all our patterns can be printed on A4, Letter (US Standard), A0. All patterns also contain a projector file. 

  • The A4 and Letter format are no trimm pages. You can see this blog about the assembly on our patterns.
  • A0 is a Copy shop format.
  • To use the projector file you will need a projector. There are many Facebook groups to help you choose one. You can also asks your questions in the group about using a projector.

All our format contains layers.

To open the instructions and pattern files you will need a PDF reader like adobe reader. This is a free software.

All patterns have a square on the first page to check your printing settings or calibration. 

You will always need a sewing machine, we suggest you to use a serger. A serger will make sewing knit easier and cleaner. I own a cover stitch to hem and for bias binding, this is not necessary but it gives your clothing a professional finish. You can also read this blog about it.

We have different size charts. Our NB-7Y chart is unisex based (brown). For the larger kids we have a petrol chart 7Y-16Y and a pink chart from 7Y-14Y. The pink chart will have narrower shoulders, smaller waist and widener hips then the petrol table. 

You can find the charts over here in metric and inches. 

We wrote a blog about measuring and how we measure.

No, we spend a lot of time and effort in making our patterns and instructions. We would love you to direct the interest persons to our website.

We always suggest fabric types to use for a certain pattern.

We do not include a percentage for fabric shrinking in our patterns. So we suggest you to pre wash your fabric, since fabric can shrink.

You can find our free patterns over here.

You can come over to our facebook group to show off, discuss the fabric you want to use or anything else Fab For You related.

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