Taking measurements

To start measuring check your measurement tape against a ruler. Measurement tapes can stretch out over time. You will measure always measure over underwear  and the measurement tape should lay flat.

Besides body measurements there are figure proportions to remark, such as a round back, sloping shoulder, broad shoulders, flat/full seat, full/flat abdomen. This can cause for extra adjustments, altough the measurements are good.

Bodyheight is measured from the top of the head to the floor, without shoes. The best way is to stand against the wall, mark the highest point and measure.

The chest circumference is measured over the fullest part of the bust, over the nipples.

For ladies, for the underbust grith you you’ll measure the chest just below the bust.

The waist is narrowest part of the waist horizontally. 

For ladies the lower waist is appr. 8 cm under the waist.

The hip is measured at the widest part of the seat/hip over the bum. 


Inseam is measured from the crotch to the floor.

Circumference from the right shoulder line midway down to the back trough the crotch and over the right chest to the starting point. 

Make sure to avoid constriction at the crotch.


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