Fabric types

In this blog I will try to explain which fabrics we mostly use for our patterns. If you are missing a fabric type please let us know. 

French Terry

French terry is a summer sweat, it is smooth on the outside and it has loops on the inside. You can also have a brushed french terry, this is the same fabric, but the loops are brushed with an iron brush. This treatment makes the fabric soft on the inside. It is mainly made out of cotton (and Elasthan). French terry is firmer and thicker then Jersey. It normally has also a less stretch in the fabric then Jersey.

We use this fabric for our sweaters, sweater dresses and pants/trousers.


Jersey is a knit fabric, mostly very soft. Originally this fabric was made out off wool, nowadays you’ll have a lot of different types of jersey. For example cotton , cotton blends, rayon and synthethic  jersey. It is thinner than French Terry. 

We use this fabric for our t shirts, dresses, underwear, pyjama’s and lounge wear.


Cotton is a woven fabric available in more than 135 variaties used in the textile industrie, e.g. gabardine, popeline, quilt cotton. Cotton does not stretch and it wrinkles. Quilt cotton is thicker and firmer than a popeline. We also love quilt cotton for bags and clothing. In our patterns made for cotton you can use both. Patterns designed for jersey or french terry can not be made in cotton without adjustments. Jersey and French terry can be made with cotton as a main part. So always check if you buy Cotton (woven) or Cotton Jersey or French Terry

We use this fabric for home accessoires, bags, clothing. 



Rayon is made out of natural materials (like wood pulp, cotton or bamboo), it very comfortable and cool to wear. Pure rayon fabric doesn’t stretch. Rayon can be blended, so there is also rayon jersey, rayon jersey has the same use as jersey.

We use rayon fabrics for summer dresses, lining or tops/blouse. 

Modal French Terry or Jersey

Modal is a type of rayon, it’s a fiber made from cellulose. Modal is durable, flexible and soft. Modal is often blended with cotton or elasthan.

We use this fabric like a french terry or jersey, depending on your fabric type.

Double Gauze

Double gauze is soft, lightweight and breathable fabric. Double gauze is made out of soft cotton and has a small grid. 

We use this fabric for baby accessoires, scards, summer cloths.


Canvas is a woven fabric made out of cotton or linen. Canvas is durable, sturdy and made for heavy duty. 

We use this fabric for bags, accessoires.

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